Avion’s Evolving Role..2013 & Beyond Mobile Revolution in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Avion Networks is an Atlanta-based, global telecom technology firm, specializing in converging communications, broadband network services, solutions and innovations. With two distinct practice areas, centered on the Telecom and Technology sectors, Avion provides value-added network planning, design, installation, optimization and deployment services. These behind-the-scene services enable seamless, anytime, anywhere access to information and entertainment. Historically, Avion’s roots originate in the Telecom Services sector, where we have played a critical role in helping to implement network infrastructures worldwide for major global operators and OEM’s .

Avion will continue to play an important part in this arena by helping to design and deploy Fourth Generation (4G) technologies such as LTE and WiMAX. Over time, Avion Networks has diversified their consulting services model to include Technology Services in areas such as project management, data analytics & visualization, IT infrastructures management, and software development. Avion’s Technology Services division continues to evolve from simple staff augmentation to turnkey, fixed-bid solutions to help customers in supply chain logistics, telecommunication, cable, big 4 consulting companies minimize costs and mitigate risks. A very important element to the technology services we provide is Avion’s Innovation Center focused on advanced analytics, cloud delivery, big data, enterprise social to enable data driven decisions and collaboration.

Avion played a significant role in the design, deployment and ongoing optimization of the current 3G broadband networks in the U.S and globally in Canada and Asia. While we continue to complete the 3G deployments, we began the next generation 4G / LTE networks for our Carrier and OEM clients. Avion is also playing an important role in migrating, rationalizing and integrating from older 2G/3G networks to improve efficiencies, coverage and capacity for better customer experience. The public and private Wi-Fi networks once thought off competing technology for mobile broadband, now has evolved to be an excellent compliment to enable increased coverage, offload backhaul traffic for improved cost efficiencies.

Avion provided project management services to enable large Wi-Fi projects in stadiums, parks, Universities, airports across the country. We have become a connected society now with estimated 5 billion mobile subscribers by 2016 and 50 billion connected devices by 2020. This “always on” connectivity of people, devices and “things” has the potential to profoundly change all aspects of life on this planet: Education, health, commerce, employment, poverty, pollution, books, music, movies and more.

Consumers, enterprises, governments and other organizations are benefiting from ever increasing choices and power of mobile devices with increasing capabilities, to provide great user experiences. But the need for “behind the scene” network engineering expertise needed to design, deploy and continue to optimize ever increasing traffic is critical. Avion is committing to continue play a significant role in this mobile revolution. The combination and convergence of Cloud Services, Bring Your Own Devices ( BYOD), Big Data and Enterprise Social technologies can be considered a “perfect storm” for rapid innovation for smarter communities, cities and planet.

Avion is investing to leverage these emerging trends to offer innovative solutions in advanced Analytics and Visualizations to help organizations to make better decisions for proactively managing their businesses for improved business outcomes. We invite you to learn more about Avion Networks in order to discover the many ways we can help your organization.

Please feel free to contact us at info@avionnetworks.com or call us at 678 894 9815. .