Avion Networks has created a Digital Fiber Alliance team with Best-In-Class strategic partners to provide a full end to end solution for your proposed fiber investment. From using 11 Million census block level locations to providing a comprehensive competitive analysis to best in class fiber manage software, feasibility studies, fiber testing automation and engineering design using automations with drones.

Competitive Intelligence

“Few organizations take full advantage of data generated outside  their walls. A well-structured plan for using external data can provide  a competitive edge.” – Mckinsey

Engine that uses more that eleven million points of data across all census tracks and zip codes in North America. The analysis will provide valuable information in determining the competitive landscape prior to capital commitments.

Fiber Deployment Feasibility Design

For early and rapid evaluation of established project areas. These designs are produced to closely align with the preferred architecture and can be completed using customer input data or internally sourced input data. The feasibility design is used to assist in network deployment cost calculations by providing high-level bill of materials ad determine the viability of fiber network deployment.

Economic Feasibity Design

For every engineering services project, Avion’s Digital Fiber Alliance partner Biarri Networks consolidates and validates all available data, ensuring that all GIS inputs and project guidelines are represented. This data becomes the foundation of the Complete Architecture Playbook (CAP), which lays the foundation for every major network design and deployment.

Machine-assisted, human-led collaboration

While machine-assisted planning is the backbone of every network project our engineering services team takes on, the engineering services team takes a customized and human approach to every project. We fully believe that network planning and construction is a team sport: we work with all of our stakeholders and partners to ensure everyone is aligned on the specifications of each project, what each piece of data means, and what the results should be.

The Complete Architecture Playbook identifies the fiber architecture deployed in the network, consolidates rules and standards for the network’s engineering, and describes any equipment constraints or specifications. We believe it’s important for all project partners to collaborate and understand the CAP, so we work with each team to ensure that all outputs and schemas are understood for each project. The CAP is a signature deliverable for engineering services, a single source of truth for every fiber broadband or 5G network planning project.

Drone Powered Preliminary Design

  • Problem: A major Carrier was falling dramatically behind schedule on a time-sensitive Fiber project in the Northeast Florida area. After a year of struggling with the complexities of the municipality, the original vendor was unable to obtain approval to begin the engineering phase of the project. The Carrier moved on, bringing in Essentia.
  • Solution: Essentia first turned to its Project Playbooks, which are comprehensive game plans geared to leverage the team’s political relationships and overcome obstacles in specific jurisdictions. After gaining approval to begin field engineering on the Northeast Florida Fiber Project, Essentia then opened its high-tech tool box, deploying drones to perform the initial field work. These drones quickly and thoroughly canvassed the site while capturing 1,000 photos per mile traveled.
  • Results: Called in on a Tuesday morning, Essentia completed the field data collection on Wednesday — about a one-day turnaround. Plus, it was done with zero travel costs and minimal opportunity for human error. This initial win, which cut field engineering by 90% and CAD time in half, laid the groundwork for completing the first 10,000-ft.-phase of the project in about 60 days, well within the 90-day schedule. 

Automated Fiber Testing

Provides a cloud and mobile app-based end-to end Test Automation and Closeout Package solution that makes the entire testing and closeout process error free. The App automates various RF and Fiber testing processes such as Coax/Antenna/System sweeps, PIMs, CW, Fiber OTDR/OLTS. The process has proven to save cycle time for network operators, providing a high degree of accuracy, consistency, and visibility throughout the process.

Can you test all of your cables (coax, fiber, CAT6) and antennas, control your test instruments, take photos and videos, fill out checklists, take notes, all on one app via your mobile device? With ECSite solution, you can.

ECSite offers a mobile app and a cloud service for managing data collection, checklists and verification through various phases of site construction and maintenance.

It has been adopted by the major 3POs and has been successfully deployed for use from small malls to large stadiums to small cells

End-to-End Site Testing From Design Source

Test Automation

  • Testing Application captures the raw dat files and screen shots from the testing instruments, provides notes and photos all organized and instantaneously captured once the test is completed.
  • Using Machine Learning, the app captures errors and provides mitigation instructions live.
  • Application controls the instrument with pre-populated data straight from the design source to ensure accuracy in testing.

Smart Marketing Analytics

Network Operations Analytics