Next is now

In a connected world, fast, flexible, secure, and reliable performance is a must. The era of wifi has ended. Private Wireless drivesconnectivity efficiencies, that give you unparalleled advantages over your competition. Connectivity has never been more essential to business. In every Industry ceilings are being broken and new milestones are being achieved. This would not be possible without connectivity driven wirelessly. Industry 4.0 is wireless and it is here now.

We drive Industry 4.0

From  gaining efficiencies in Transportation,  mining, education, and even connecting whole communities avion networks is pushing the limits bringing automation efficiencies that have not been seen before.

Value Beyond Connectivity

Industry 4.0 and private wireless will deliver massive increases in productivity and economic value creation.





From concept to creation Avion Networks will Design, Build, Implement, and Maintain the wireless network technology needed to take you to tomorrow.

We cover our bases

  • AT&T, T-Mobile/Sprint, Verizon
  • 2-Way Radio Communication
  • DAS, Small Cell Radio, CBRS AP & Radio, BDA
  • Carrier Signal Source (GREENLIGHT)
  • 5G Readiness
  • Carrier Coordination
  • Network Planning, Site Survey, Design, Build, Commission, Optimize, and Maintain.

Solve Your Problems Today With Avion Private Networks

A Certified Nokia Partner