Avion provides tower services from architectural and engineering scoping to construction. Fully licensed and with strong teams of experienced program and construction managers,

we emphasize quality, value, and client satisfaction. Our services include:

  • Turf Services (LTE MODs & NSBs):
  • Site Acquisition and Design
  • Platform installations
  • Antenna installations
  • Transmission line testing
  • TDR line sweeps
  • Tower and Shelter installation
  • Integration and Commissioning
  • Civil/utilities services
  • Installation services
  • Microwave pathing and installation
  • Program management

OSP Engineering Design Automation

Using drones for field survey; Reduction of engineer design time up to 90%; Approximately 60% of drawings can be completed through automation before a human touches them. Automated imports via a proprietary software platform. Data hub comprising a set of different technologies though proprietary programming and workflows.