Avion Networks President invited by AT&T to keynote entrepreneurship workshop

DECA chapters from the metro Atlanta area were invited to an Entrepreneurship Workshop presented by OASIS. 150 students participated.

During the workshop the students learned not only how leaders take charge in their professions, but also the qualities of an entrepreneur. Taking charge and exhibiting these skills are not only something you are born with, but qualities that can be targeted and fostered. More specifically, how one can organization learn these skill sets and get set on a planned path of success.

The workshop started with a Q & A session with entrepreneur, Kanchana Raman, Founder and CEO of Avion Networks, Inc. Ms. Raman shared her “do’s and don’ts” as well as her successes and challenges as an entrepreneur. This was followed by smaller breakout sessions which covered topics dealing with every aspect of developing a business plan. Topics included financing, SWOT analysis, value proposition, growth potential, business models, competition, positioning, market plan, and sales.

Lastly, students worked in groups of their breakout sessions to develop a “mock” business plan. Various students confidently presented their “mock”

business plans within their breakout sessions. After students presented they were given feedback from OASIS group facilitators.

The students enjoyed spending the day with members of Oasis who are dedicated to educating DECA members about the benefits and challenges related to entrepreneurship. Several additional sessions are planned in at least five cities over the next few months. Participating DECA members will be empowered to model DECA’s theme, Own Your Future.

“Entrepreneurship and small business are the lifeline of the US economy. I consider it my duty to share my entrepreneurial journey with the inner city students and empower them with the tools to start their own businesses and thank you AT&T for giving me an opportunity to pay it forward” said Kanchana Raman