Kanchana Raman visit Brazil.

In a grand demonstration of the progressive partnership journey between Brazil and India, TiE held their annual Global retreat in Rio this year, setting the stage for a mutually beneficial collaboration. The Honorable Mayor of Rio
de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes, and the Indian Ambassador to Brazil, Suresh Reddy, extended their pledges to augment trade relations and foster a stronger partnership between the two nations.

Brazil’s entrepreneurial scene, characterized by its brilliant startups, stands to gain immensely from the mentorship and scalability that TiE’s global network offers. We brought together innovative minds from the vast reaches of the Amazon and numerous Tier-2
cities in Brazil to compete in a vibrant pitch competition, illustrating the vast potential of their entrepreneurial landscape.

As an affirmation of TiE’s dedication to fostering this beneficial bond, the trip symbolizes the imminent launch of TiE Brazil. This new chapter in TiE’s global presence will be perfectly timed to coincide with the G20 Summit in 2024, further accentuating its role as a catalyst in shaping the future of international entrepreneurship.

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